Viewing Grandes Maestros at Natural History Museum LA

When I was in first grade my class took a trip to the Children’s Museum of Los Angeles and…well…I had a miserable time. Super shy and ditched by my friends I spent the entire day wandering around by myself and wishing I were home. There’s nothing sadder than a lonely little girl halfheartedly tossing things around in the velcro room.

Three years later my class took another trip to that same museum. This time I had a best friend and we spent the day running around pretending we were news anchors, imprinting our shadows on walls and, yes, having fun with velcro. I realized then just how awesome museums could be and have been hooked ever since.

Grandes Maestros NHMLA

One of my favorite current museums is the Natural History Museum of LA. It’s basically my modern equivalent of that long ago children’s museum. Inside it’s doors I’m a kid again marveling at the dinosaurs, oohing and ahhing over the gems and entranced by the dioramas. It’s a wonderland of history and culture and is consistently showcasing impressive exhibitions. Becoming LA is a must see for anyone interested in area history and now the latest exhibition, Grandes Maestros, is also essential viewing.

Grandes Maestros: Great Masters of Iberoamerican Folk Art, Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex opened last November and runs through September 13th, 2015. It’s a comprehensive exhibition of contemporary folk art from 22 Latin American countries.

Grandes Maestros

There are over 800 works on display representing 600 artists from across Latin America from Mexico to South America to the Caribbean.

Grandes Maestros

On display you’ll find sculpture, textiles, instruments, furniture, paintings…I could go on and on and on. It’s a huge exhibit that takes up multiple galleries. I was amazed by the sheer quantity of artwork on view – each one uniquely beautiful.

Grandes Maestros

It truly is a wonderland of contemporary art. I was completely entranced and could have spent hours studying all the pieces.

IMG_6713 (800x600) Grandes Maestro Grandes Maestros IMG_6694 (800x600) Grandes Maestros IMG_6685 (800x600) Grandes Maestros IMG_6674 (800x600) IMG_6672 (800x800) IMG_6667 (800x600) IMG_6666 (800x600)IMG_6670 (800x600)

Latin American culture is such a significant part of what makes Los Angeles what it is today. Grandes Maestros showcases it beautifully and is another great exhibition by the Natural History Museum.

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