4 Reasons to Love Common Space Brewery

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I had no intention of staying away this long but I got a mean case of the covid blues and couldn’t get myself to write. Luckily, I have managed to stay healthy and for that I am truly blessed. Just before the second (third? I’ve lost count) wave hit I was able to get out there a bit and pay a visit to Common Space Brewery in Hawthorne. I met with the brewery rep, Denise, who showed me around their expansive space. After enjoying a delicious meal in their beer garden I took home a bevy of brews (courtesy of Common Space) to sample and soon discovered a new favorite brewery. So much so that I’ve come up with 4 good reasons for you to love it, too.

Common Space Brewery

They Have a Huge Selection of Brews

I love visiting breweries but there’s nothing more disappointing that a small menu that’s predominantly filled with IPA’s. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t love them. Give me a pilsner, a sour, a stout and then maybe I’ll be ready for the bitterness of an IPA. At Common Space that problem is non existent because they have tons and tons of option. Currently on tap are 25 (!) different brews offering something for just about everyone. Sure there are several IPA’s but there’s also plenty of lagers, stouts and sours, too.

Common Space Brewery

Take the Hammock Street Lager. This is classic with a capital C. It’s the kind of beer you drink while barbecuing…while watching the game…while lounging in the hammock…ok I don’t do any of those things. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a classic everyperson beer. It’s the kind of beer you give to someone who claims they don’t like craft beer and it instantly changes their mind. It’s all purpose but still dang good.

Common Space Brewery

While Common Space can make a good classic beer they’re also excellent at innovative flavors. For instance, their recent colab with Coolhaus (if you know me you know I love my Coolhaus ice cream) the Chocolate Molten Cake Ice Cream Beer. More than a beer it’s an honest to goodness dessert. Thick, creamy, chocolaty goodness that you can practically eat with a spoon. In fact, I did just that when I paired it with vanilla ice cream for a float. It was pure decadence.

No matter your flavor preference Common Space is sure to offer something to please your palate.

They Give Back

Common Space Brewery

Common Space Brewery believes firmly in human rights and rather than just talking the talk they walk the walk. Every quarter a new beer is released in which the proceeds are given to local organizations with an aim to better the community. The latest release, 25=100, was inspired by the local food bank which can turn a $25 donation into food for 100 people. In an innovative approach to fundraising Common Space did not release the beer until they received enough donations to feed 10,000 hungry Angelenos. It only took them 2 days to raise the funds allowing their customers access to a brand new beer and feeding a lot of hungry people in the process.

In addition, throughout the pandemic, Common Space has been turning over part of their brewery to the America Red Cross for blood drives. Once a month you can head there and donate blood for those in need.

They Come to You

You may be thinking that all this sounds nice but what good is it if you can’t visit the brewery thanks to the current shut downs. Have no fear. Common Space will come to you!

Common Space Brewery

If you’re in desperate need of some Chubby Unicorn and live in LA or Orange County they’ll deliver it. Just place a $35 or more order and your favorite brews will come to you. You say you live in Riverside County? No worries. Common Space can ship anywhere in California. So if you’re up north and longing for a taste of SoCal just place an order and you’ll be all set.

They Have an Awesome Space

As nice as it is to have beer delivered right to your door it would be fun to hang out at the tap room, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, one day we’ll be able to do that again and when we can Common Space is ready. They have a humongous facility that’s able to accommodate just about everybody. If you’re having a party they have multiple event spaces that can hold up to 300 people (you can now have that beer themed wedding!). If you want to enjoy a beer and see exactly how it’s made take a seat in the tap room which offers a full view of the brewery in action. You say you want to bring Rover? Whether that’s your dog or your toddler you can hang out in the beer garden and enjoy some time in the open air.

Common Space Brewery

I visited on a beautiful evening that was just ideal for sitting outside. There was a pizza truck on site and I ate a delicious wood fired pie while sipping on a refreshing amber ale. As the sun set I enjoyed the cozy ambiance and looked forward to a day when I could return.

And I will return. Things are going to get better and when the pandemic is in the rearview mirror I look forward to returning to Common Space Brewery and enjoying a delicious drink. After this is over we all deserve a good drink and Common Space has plenty on tap waiting for us.



  1. Brenda Hill January 24, 2021 at 11:51 pm

    I was wondering – great article and photos.
    Cheers, Brenda

  2. Karen lewis January 25, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    Our favorite brewery in the South Bay for sure!

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