A Bevvy of Brews From Angel City Brewery

I’m very lucky because every once in awhile I come home to find a surprise on my doorstep – a brand new beer from Angel City Brewery. Recently, I’ve been super lucky because I received not one, not two but three new beers from my favorite brewery. This weekend I got down to trying them and am now happy to tell you about Angel City’s latest releases.

Up first is the Public House Saison available for a limited time in 16 oz cans and on draft at the public house. Unlike traditional Saisons this one has a blend of three different hops – Equinox,  Zythos and Amarillo. the result is a tart, refreshingly light beer with citrus and floral notes that make me long for warm summer nights.

Next up is the most elegant (and my personal favorite) Mattole River Tripel. This Belgian Golden Strong Ale is named after the Mattole River that flows through Humboldt county supplying irrigation for its many vineyards. One such vineyard is owned by Angel City brewer Alex Kennedy’s family. This summer Alex brought some grape must back from the vineyard to to ferment with the tripel. The beer was then stored in Chardonnay barrels for 6 months resulting in a decadent treat that’s unlike any beer I’ve had before. the Mattole River Tripel is  truly indulgent and drinks like a fine wine. Sweet, fruity and musky it’s a real delight.

Finally, there’s the Funky Wit, a sour version of the Angel City Wit. This wheat ale is brewed with coriander and orange peel and aged in oak wine barrels. The result is something truly…funky. Funky in a good way, that is. There’s tartness, elements of citrus, a bit of spice and a walnutty essence.  Perhaps that’s the coriander? Either way it’s a unique addition to the Angel City lineup.

2018 is still young and already Angel City has introduced a trio of completely unique and entirely enjoyable beers. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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