A Night With Pacific Opera Project

I’m a sucker for live performance and one of my favorite’s is opera. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who encouraged me to embrace the art form when I was young and as a result I’ve seen several over the years. So when I was invited to attend a recent performance of Lucia Di Lammermoor by Pacific Opera Project it was pretty much a given that I’d accept.

Pacific Opera Project began in 2011 as a way to bring entertaining and affordable opera to the masses. Without a permanent residence they stage productions in various unique spots around the Los Angeles area and Lucia Di Lammermoor was held at Forest Lawn.

The stage was set near the museum and offered panoramic views of the surrounding valley. It was a beautiful night with a slight breeze and it was lovely to witness the sunset as the players performed.

Lucia Di Lammermoor by Donizetti first premiered in 1835 and is an Italian opera uniquely set in 17th century Scotland. A tragedy of the first order it tells of the doomed love affair between Lucia and Edgardo, members of opposing clans.

This was my first experience with this particular opera and I loved it. The performers led by Jamie Chamberlin as Lucia and Nathan Granner as Edgardo were incredibly talented and sung beautifully. The set and costumes truly captured Scotland and we were even treated to a bagpipe performance before the show.

In addition, Pacific Opera Project, provides a unique seating area. There are few rows but most patrons are seated at private tables with complimentary cheese plates and wine available for purchase.

With a starting cost of $65 per table it truly is an affordable way to view world class opera. The performances continue next weekend and I highly recommend checking them out. if you can’t make it there will be a Halloween double feature (The Medium and The Monkey’s Paw) in October and La Boheme (my favorite!) in December.


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