A Schitt’s Creek Holiday at Vulture Festival

Last year, I went to the inaugural Vulture Festival Los Angeles specifically to attend the Schitt’s Creek panel.The Canadian comedy debuted in 2015 and I’ve been a fan from the get go. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara drew me in and Dan Levy and Annie Murphy made me stay. Since the show airs on the obscure Pop TV network I’ve always felt alone in my devotion. Imagine my surprise when I attend their panel among a standing room only crowd. It turns out many other folks have discovered the delightful show. So when this year’s fest announced the Schitt’s Creek Holiday Spectacular! I knew I had to attend.

Once again held at the Hollywood Roosevelt the Vulture Festival featured an array of pop culture themed panels with such fan favorites at Busy Phillips, Constance Wu and the cast of Scrubs. There were several sessions that intrigued me but my heart belongs to Schitt’s Creek and I decided to stick to it alone this year. I wasn’t quite sure what a Schitt’s Creek Holiday Spectacular! entailed but I was eager to find out.

Well, I soon found out when I entered the Blossom Ballroom and was greeted by Santa, given a holiday cookie and found the vast space overflowing with poinsettias and Christmas trees. Speaking of the vast space…last year the Schitt’s Creek panel was in a small conference room and this year it was in an enormous ballroom once home to the Oscars. And it was jam packed! Hundreds of people turned out for the panel and it sold out. I really am not alone!

As a special treat we watched the upcoming Schitt’s Creek  holiday episode which airs on Pop TV on December 19.  It’s the show’s first holiday episode and it’s a doozy! In true Schitt’s Creek fashion it’s filled with wall to wall laughs and a good dose of heart. As soon as it ended I immediately wanted to watch it again. Believe me, my DVR’s already set for the 19th!

After watching the episode the cast came out to discuss the show. and Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire and Noah Reid spent the next half hour regaling us with tales of the filming. Now, here’s the hard part. Since the show hasn’t aired there’s not many details I can share. Just know, the episode was directed by Dan Levy and it features a fabulous flashback and a fun celebrity cameo. it’s festive, fun and fits perfectly into the show’s aesthetic.

Just before the afternoon ended the cast was asked what we can expect from Season 5, which debuts January 16, 2019. They advised that after all the revelations of Season 4 it’s time to just have fun and we can expect lots of good times. I, for one, can’t wait.

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