An Evening Out at HATCH Yakitori + Bar

I’m an adventurous eater who loves to try new things. Luckily, my best bud feels the same way and we’re constantly seeking out new places to dine and imbibe. Recently, I was invited to visit HATCH Yakitori + Bar in downtown LA and I knew it would be the perfect new spot for us to try. Luckily, he felt the same way and we stopped by one recent evening.

HATCH Yakitori + Bar is the brainchild of three friends: Akarad Tachavatcharapa, Nara Latip and Chef Daniel Shemtob. The trio share a love of Japanese cuisine and decided to open a hip, contemporary spot that offers an innovative approach to traditional yakitori. Located in The Bloc in the heart of downtown LA it’s a sleek, contemporary space that’s a showpiece for the elevated cuisine on offer.

The Black Karaage Chicken might be considered HATCH’s signature dish and you certainly won’t find it anywhere else. Consisting of two day brined fried chicken thighs coated in a signature black squid ink batter and accompanied by grilled limes and a black ranch dip it offers an extraordinary pop of flavor when you eat it. It’s incredibly delicious – perfectly tender, perfectly seasoned…just perfect.

The Mushroom Party skewer is a deceptively simple dish. Consisting of three different mushrooms lightly grilled and seasoned it might easily be overlooked. But don’t! It’s fresh and flavorful and absolutely delicious. Next to the Black Karaage Chicken it was my favorite dish of the night.

The Chicken Meatball is a another simple dish that packs a punch. Accompanied by an egg yolk tare dip it’s a flavor powerhouse.

In addition to a plethora of grilled meats and vegetables Hatch also offers a selection of raw dishes like the Avo Tuna Toast. The toast is actually crispy rice formed into a patty and topped with avocado and incredibly fresh wild caught tuna. It’s a small bite that’s big on flavor and is a deliciously fresh addition to the menu.

After noshing on countless, delicious dishes I needed something to wash it all down with and, luckily, HATCH has a full bar with a variety of unique cocktails. The Mangorita is a drink I normally would avoid as it features serrano pepper. Thankfully, I didn’t because I discovered a fresh, fruity drink with a nice kick of spice.

If you know me you know I love matcha so I was excited to try the Matcha Highball featuring whisky, coconut, lemongrass, honey and, of course, matcha. The coconut and lemongrass nicely enhance the earthy, matcha flavor and it’s a subtly sweet, refreshing drink.

My best bud was enamored with the Rum Tum Tum featuring spiced rum (from local distillery Greenbar), tepache, lemon, demerara syrup and agostura bitters. I was able to sample it and it was a sweet, tropical delight.

HATCH Yakitori + Bar is the perfect addition to the diverse downtown LA dining scene. With a varied menu of both raw and grilled dishes and a full bar featuring signature cocktails it’s the perfect spot for an evening out. In fact, my best bud and I are already planning our next visit.



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