Bowl – O – Rama

There’s something so nostalgic about bowling, isn’t there? It reminds me of school holidays as a pre-teen when my friends and I would go to the bowling alley and feel so old because our parents actually dropped us off. Two hours unsupervised? We really were growing up.

Alas, as an adult, I rarely go bowling anymore. No real reason, and often I think I should do it, but you know how it is…I never get around to it. And when I did finally go, turns out it’s a bit pricey. Two games and shoes cost me $15! Out of there in less than an hour and 15 bucks poorer? Maybe I was over bowling. Maybe it was time for us to make it official and break up for good. Who were we kidding anyway, we were both older, wiser and hardly saw each other anyway.

But wait! When I left my local alley, part of the AMF chain, I was given a flyer about their e-club. Sign up online and start receiving money saving coupons in your inbox. Now, I’m not too fond of e-clubs. Most of them inundate your inbox with advertisements and an occassional 10% of coupon that isn’t even worth the ink and paper needed to print it. But, bowling and I had a history and deep down I didn’t want this relationship to end and I was hoping bowling felt the same.

Well folks, this story has a happy ending. I gave bowling my email address and in return was given coupons, lots and lots of great coupons. Free games, buy one get one free, $10 unlimited bowling all day….reunited and it feels so good:)

In fact, I just went bowling yesterday. I had a coupon for $8.99 for two hours of bowling including shoe rental. I managed to squeeze in 5 games…$.8.99 for five games and a shoe rental. That’s less than half the regular price. Oh bowling…you really do like me!

So head on over the AMF website and sign up for the e-club to rekindle your own relationship with bowling.


  1. shannon July 13, 2011 at 12:46 am

    yay! next stop, venice bowling for a nifty-fifties bowl-a-rama!!!

  2. Anonymous July 20, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    the shoes look new says aunt Claudia

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