A Christmas Visit to Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was as lovely as always. As is our tradition we went to an early morning Mass followed by exchanging presents. By midday we were relaxing and enjoying the presents left under the tree. We had an early dinner and spent the afternoon watching holiday flicks. After nightfall we decided to visit the Snoopy Holiday display in Costa Mesa.

A 48 year tradition the handmade Snoopy House Holiday display originally was set up at a private residence but for the past few years it’s been on display at the Costa Mesa City Hall. I had never seen it in either incarnation and fully intended to visit it this year. As things go I never had the chance until Christmas night. My family bundled up, hopped and the car and headed to Costa Mesa.

Snoopy Display Costa Mesa

Well…turns out the official dates for the display were December 12-23. Oops! A few other groups also didn’t get the memo and were wandering around the darkened decorations. Not to let some missing lights get us down we decided to do the same. Turns out the flash on my phone is a pretty good illuminator.

IMG_1372 IMG_1370 IMG_1369

Even in the dark it was clear to see what treasures these displays are. Handmade with love they are a wonderful tribute to both Christmas and the work of Charles Schulz.

IMG_1377 IMG_1376 IMG_1374 IMG_1373

And as much as I love the Peanuts my favorite display happened to be devoted to my favorite Christmas story.

Scrooge Christmas display

Oh Scrooge! One day you’ll learn!

Despite the lack of lighting I still enjoyed viewing the Peanuts display. Plus, it was a good preview for next year. If it’s this enjoyable in the dark I can only image how fun it is lit up. I’ll be sure to make it by the 23rd in 2016!

Peanuts display LA Explorer

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