Cocktails and Cuisine at The FLATS in Beverly Hills

Not many things will get me to Beverly Hills on a weekday night. Between the 405 the 10 and the 110 every way there is clogged. But when I’m offered the chance to sample complimentary cocktails and bites from some off leaders of the LA culinary scene I’m there. So, last Wednesday found me at The FLATS enjoying some deliciousness…and it was well worth the traffic.

photo by acuna-hansen

The FLATS, an edgy bistro located on Wilshire recently added chef Paul Shoemaker, cocktail consultant Marcos Tello and head bartender Shaun Summers to the team and with them comes a an innovative take on cocktails and bites. Both menus feature fresh, seasonal ingredients that rotate with the time of year.

As soon as I arrived I headed to straight to the bar and started sampling their unique cocktails – each of which feature a specific, natural ingredient. Whether your taste leans to apples or mushrooms the menu has you covered.

photo by acuna-hansen

The Bourbon Fix celebrates maple and features fresh blueberries, bourbon, lemon and maple syrup. The blueberries and maple provided a mellow sweetness that perfectly enhanced the bourbon. It’s the kind of drink that goes down real easy and I had to stop myself at one.

photo by acuna-hansen

Carrots are highlighted in the White Russian which is made with vodka,espresso liqueur and a carrot cream. This was a drink I had my doubts about but I loved it. The carrot cream adds a bit of sweetness to the strong coffee flavor making the drink a delicious, liquid dessert.

photo by acuna-hansen

While sampling the cocktails I had a chance to try the Crispy Hen of Woods Mushrooms and they were unlike anything I’ve had before. The tempura mushroom are dipped in garlic water making an irresistible appetizer and I could have easily eaten the whole bowl.

photo by acuna-hansen

The menu offers a variety of gourmet hamburgers and my absolute favorite was the signature Flats Burger. Made with bacon, gruyere, rosemary aioli, and caramelized onions it’s a rich, indulgent treat.

photo by acuna-hansen

Of course, the signature item at the FLATS is the flatbread pizza and I was able to sample quite a few varieties. I particularly liked the Spinach & Goat Cheese which features a delicious garlic confit, pine nuts, and fresh sun gold tomatoes.

The new team at the FLATS has put together quite the menu. With such tasty cocktails and eats it’s worth waiting in traffic for.

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    Absolutely nice. I would give a try for this place.

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