A Day at the 2017 LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show has been around for 110 years and somehow it escaped my radar until this year. Perhaps that’s because I’m not the biggest car fan. I love a good classic but when it comes to my everyday ride just give me something that’s relatively inexpensive and has good mileage. Everything else is superfluous. Or so I thought but after a day at the LA Auto Show I finally understand just how fun cars can be.

So how did I end up at the auto show? Well, I was invited by Chrysler to celebrate the debut of the 2018 Pacifica.

I’m not in the market for a minivan but if I was I’d be all over the Pacifica. Not only because it’s super snazzy looking and tricked out with all the latest technical innovations but it’s also the only hybrid minivan on the market .I drive a hybrid myself and absolutely love it. How awesome is it that the technology is now available in a minivan? It’s time for families to get great gas mileage and save some money! Not only that but Chrysler has also partnered with Revability on the Advantage Pacifica – a wheelchair-accessible plug-in hybrid. I love it!

After hanging out with Chrysler I decided to start exploring the auto show and was immediately overwhelmed. It’s huge! There are multiple exhibition spaces featuring car after car after car.

And they’re all brand spanking new and beautifully displayed…and unlocked. Yup, you can check out all aspects of a car without a salesman breathing down your neck. I used the opportunity to try out several vehicles like the smart car which was a wee bit claustrophobic.

And a Mini Cooper which was surprisingly roomy and super fun.

And a BMW i which…well…I’ll take it!

Seriously, if it was in my budget I’d be driving this baby tomorrow. But it’s not all about the latest model. There are a number of concept cars on display like the REDs by Chris Bangle.

There’s also a fun electric van concept from Volkswagen.

And Star Wars inspired Nissan cars.

Just kidding! These are only tricked out to celebrate their partnership with The Last Jedi and won’t be hitting the market any time soon.

In addition to the major manufacturers there’s also Galpin’s Hall of Customs filled with an array of customized vehicles. This was one of my favorite spots.

In addition to cars there’s lots of interactive experiences and I had the most fun at the Ford exhibit where I entered a road race, virtually visited the city of the future and made a Lego mini me.

This was my first visit to an auto show and I had a ball! I never knew how fun they could be! The show, located at the LA Convention Center, officially opens tomorrow and runs through December 10, 2017. Whether your a car lover or just a casual observer it’s sure to be a fun time.



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