Delicious Du-pars

As promised, I’m back to let you know about a delicious dessert you can get at the wonderful Farmer’s Market. Drumroll please…It’s pie from Du-par’s!

Just like Patsy D’Amore’s, Du-par’s has been in business for decades. It is an LA institution. And up until last weekend, it was one of the few that I had never visited. I always meant to but somehow every time I was at the Farmer’s Market I was in the mood for something else. But not last Sunday. The stars aligned and I was in the mood for pie.

Now, Du-par’s sells more than just pie. They have a full menu of American classics. But, pie is their specialty and pie was what I was going to have. After perusing their menu one pie stood out like a sore thumb – Chocolate Meringue Pie. You see, when I was a little kid my very favorite pie at Marie Callender’s was chocolate meringue. Every time we went I wouldn’t even consider any other options. Sadly, they don’t serve it any more, they only have chocolate creme pie (boo! hiss!). So, when I saw chocolate meringue on the menu at Du-par’s I just knew I had to try it.

Oh man, just look at it. What a thing of beauty. I almost didn’t want to touch it, my expectations were that high. But then I sunk my fork in, took that first bite, and…well, remember this scene from Ratatouille?

Exactly. Visions of me as a little kid in a booth at my local Marie Callendar’s came rushing through my head. Except that this…this pie was better! Delicious, rich chocolate pudding topped with a light as air meringue. Heaven!

A slice of chocolate meringue will set you back about $4.25. Not chump change, but if you combine it with a slice of Patsy D’Amore’s pizza, you’ve got a full meal under 10 smackers. Not too shabby.

in the Farmer’s Market right at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA
additional locations are in Oxnard, San Diego, Studio City, and Las Vegas

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  1. Shannon January 24, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    nom nom nom…when do we return to DuPar’s?

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