Dining at SOL Cocina

I don’t get to Playa Vista often but when I do I’m often surprised at how much the area has changed. It seems every time I’m there there’s 1o new buildings! A few months back I previewed the Whole Foods that opened at Runway Playa Vista and recently I found myself back at the center for the debut of SOL Cocina.


I attended a private event to celebrate the opening of the new Mexican eatery and it was an evening filled with delicious food and drink. SOL Cocina places an emphasis on coastal cuisine and their seafood offerings are no joke!

IMG_1707 IMG_1712 IMG_1688

From oysters to fish to shrimp SOL Cocina has you covered. I was especially partial to the Peel & Eat Shrimp ‘Cucarachas.’ These giant crustaceans are roasted with  garlic, Cotixa cheese, lemon and chile and are super delicious.

IMG_1698 IMG_1709

I also loved the Grilled Sweet Corn that’s topped with butter, lime, chile, Cotixa cheese and a chipotle sauce. Oh man, it was so delicious I could have made an entire meal of it.


SOL Cocina also has a full bar and serves up a number of signature drinks. My absolute favorite was the Mango Con Chile Frozen Margarita. It’s a delicious mango margarita with a chili salt rim and a chili coated dried mango garnish. It tasted like a grown up slushie and had a sweet mango flavor topped with a kick of spice.


SOL Cocina had so much tasty food and drink it was nearly impossible to save room for dessert. Somehow I managed and was rewarded with Banana Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding and Nachos Dulce. The Nachos Dulce are something to experience with both chocolate and cinnamon sugar chips topped with dulce de leche, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. A delicious ending to a fantastic meal.



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