Dining at the Tam O’Shanter

I have a thing for landmark restaurants. You know the kind. They’ve been in business for ages, have signature menu items and often look just as they did when they opened. The Apple Pan, Philippe’s, Tom Bergin’s, Canters…I love them all. Long on my list of must visit spots has been the Tam O’Shanter. You could call it my white whale. Founded in 1922 with a Scottish theme it’s long been a hang out for the Hollywood set and locals alike.

Tam O'Shanter                courtesy of Tam O’Shanter

Recently, the Tam O’Shanter welcomed a new executive chef, Juan Escamilla, and to celebrate his arrival I was invited to dine at the famed restaurant. Wish fulfilled!

sign-768x1024[3][3][1][1]                                                 courtesy of Tam O’Shanter

Shannon and I headed there one recent evening and were immediately in love with the place. Look at that neon sign! And the inside was equally as wonderful.

Tam O'Shanter Interior Shot[9]                                                         courtesy of Tam O’Shanter

See that booth in the left hand corner? Walt Disney’s. The restaurant was a favorite of his and judging by the interior that’s no surprise.

We were both so enamored of the restaurant that even if the food were terrible we still would have had a wonderful time. Luckily, the Tam O’Shanter does not hold style over substance and our meal was fantastic, too.


We started with a braised endive salad that light and flavorful. We also enjoyed the signature cocktail of the house – Table 31 (named after a certain animator’s favorite table). A twist on the old fashioned it was absolutely delicious.


When we had arrived I noticed the main course was to be lamb and I was a bit nervous as I’m not its biggest fan. Well, I may soon change my tune because the Braised Lamb Shank was extraordinary.


So tender it was falling off the bone and paired with mashed potatoes, red cabbage and a most delicious gravy it was so incredibly delicious. Shannon and I both loved it.

Although I was getting pretty full there was no way I could skip dessert – fresh baked gingerbread.


Served piping hot with lemon curd and vanilla ice cream it was heavenly.

My meal at the Tam O’Shanter was one I’ll never forget. I hope it will be the first of many as I think I’ve found my new favorite spot. Just look for me at Table 31.

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