Enjoying Fall Flavors at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

It’s no secret I love ice cream. I love it so much that there are certain places I must stop at whenever I’m near them. If I’m in Bixby Knolls I have to stop at Long Beach Creamery. If I’m in Culver City Coolhaus is a must. And if I’m in Los Feliz I’m definitely visiting Jeni’s.

Since it’s SoCal debut in 2015 Jeni’s has become one of my go to ice cream spots. Their rich and creamy ice cream available both in classic and creative flavors is absolutely delicious. Throughout the year a rotating list of seasonal flavors are offered and the fall favorites just arrived. Of course, I had to sample them and was lucky enough to be invited for a free taste.

For the season there are three special flavors –  Middle West Whiskey & Pecans, Pistachio & Honey and Churro. Lucky for me the store offers a three mini scoop sampler so I was able to try all three at once.

The Middle West Whiskey & Pecans goes back to Jeni’s Coumbus, OH roots and features it’s namesake, Middle West Whiskey. The oak-barrel aged liquor has been made into it’s own ice cream and is paired with toasted pecans. I love a good whiskey ice cream and this one does not disappoint.  It has a strong whiskey flavor offset by sweet notes of vanilla and crunchy, salty pecans. Delicious!

Pistachio & Honey is a twist on the classic pistachio ice cream. I love pistachio but can’t stand when it’s filled with chunks of nuts. Thankfully, this time the pistachios are ground and allow the ice cream to be smooth and creamy. Sweetened with a hint of honey it’s filled with flavor.

Finally, the Churro ice cream is a returning favorite and features cinnamon ice cream filled with bits of toffee and pastry. The cinnamon flavor dominates but that’s not a bad thing as I love a good dose of cinnamon, especially in the fall. Of the three, this one most evokes my favorite season.

The three fall flavors are a tasty addition to the Jeni’s menu. Now that there are four locations throughout the LA area I’m glad I’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy them again.


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