Enjoying the Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop at Mimi’s Cafe

I love lavender. I love the smell of it, the look of it and the taste of it. I think it’s a most delicious herb and have tried it in numerous dishes including lavender beer (yum!), lavender sprinkled french fries (not so yum) and honey lavender ice cream (the best thing ever). So when I was invited to Mimi’s Cafe to try their new Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop I felt like the dish was tailor made for me.


Recently Mimi’s Cafe held a recipe contest in which the winning dish would be featured at all their locations (and the winner would get a fabulous trip to France). There were over 175 entrants and a panel of judges picked Michael Waltz’s Honey Lavender Pork Grilled Chop. Debuting on the menu tomorrow, September 19th, it’s a unique take on a traditional dish.


I headed to the Long Beach Mimi’s Cafe one day last week to grab a sneak peek and was incredibly impressed with what I received. Going in, I was skeptical. I love honey lavender but it’s not a flavor usually associated with chain restaurants and I was afraid it might miss the mark. I needn’t have been concerned. The dish was legitimately delicious. The pork chop was thickly cut and grilled to perfection. It was topped with a tangy, sweet glaze that offered just a hint of lavender. The herb compliments the meat perfectly and I devoured the entire chop. Accompanying it is a salad featuring mixed greens, roasted potatoes, tart apples, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and fresh goat cheese topped with a light vinaigrette. It paired perfectly with the meat and is a dish I’d gladly eat in an entree portion.

The Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop is a welcome addition to the Mimi’s menu. It’s my go to item from now on.

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