Exploring Palos Verdes with Lenny & Larry’s

Palos Verdes is one of the most beautiful spots in Southern California yet I rarely visit it. On my frequent trips up and down the 405 I see it looming to the west and  think, “I should go.” Finally, I headed down there on Saturday morning to walk some nature trails.

Palos Verdes

The awesome thing about the area is the sheer abundance of trails. They’re everywhere! My goal was Abalone Cove but I never made it. Instead, I saw this lovely route on the shoreline and pulled over. I still have no idea what park it was but who cares! I always say the adventures in the journey and this was the perfect stop.

Palos Verdes

What a view! This is why I love SoCal. Where else can you find this in your backyard?

Palos Verdes

Now, I like to get my hiking in bright and early and on this day I hadn’t even had breakfast yet. No worries, I had Lenny & Larry with me.

Lenny and Larry's

The good folks at Lenny & Larry’s (based out of Venice!) sent me a plethora of cookies to try.

IMG_8959 (800x600)

Ordinarily, eating a cookie after hiking would sort of defeat the purpose but Lenny & Larry’s are no ordinary cookies. Not only are they all natural and vegan but they’re high in protein, too. This a cookie that’s good for you!

Lenny & Larry’s comes in eight flavors  and I enjoyed sampling them all. I saved one of my favorites, Oatmeal Raisin, for the trails and the rest I enjoyed for breakfast. It was the perfect food for me to eat on my way to work. Thanks to the protein it filled me up and gave me energy to start my day.

Next time I’m rushing out the door or headed on a hike I know the first thing I’m going to grab – a tasty Lenny & Larry’s cookie.

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