Go Red At Mimi’s Cafe

Remember last October when I told you all about Mimi’s Cafe’s support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Remember all the awesome stuff they did to support this worthy cause? Well, this February they’re at it again except this time it’s all about the heart. Yup, that wondrous organ without which I wouldn’t be typing right now is being celebrated (? honored? commemorated? it’s late and my brain is starting to run down) for American Heart Month.

And to commemorate Mimi’s Cafe is going RED. So what does that mean? Well, for the entire month of February Mimi’s will be supporting the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign and there’s lots of ways you can join in!
Check out the awesome stuff that’s happening during the month.
– Those who wear red to Mimi’s on February 1st will receive a FREE cup of delicious soup. Yum!
– Those who contribute $1 will receive a red heart-shaped tribute card to add to the fabulous in-store red dress display.
– Those who donate $5 will receive a limited edition sparkle red dress lapel pin. Ooooh fancy!
– PLUS, anyone who donates will receive $30 in Mimi’s coupons. Score!
Oh, and did I mention that all who donate on Tuesdays will get a free cup of soup?
So, come Thursday I expect you all to head to Mimi’s and support this awesome cause. What’s that? You’re low on funds? I get it. It’s a new year, holiday debt is still being chipped away at, tax time is rolling in…
Well, no fear! I’ve got ya covered. Scratch that. I’ve got two of ya covered because I have two (TWO) $25 dollar Mimi’s gift cards to give away. Enter below and join Mimi’s Cafe in supporting this great cause!
full disclosure: I also received a Mimi’s Cafe gift card and will be attending an event at their restaurant. All opinions are my own. Seriously. It’s my go to place for breakfast. 


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