Hey! That’s From Disneyland!

I must admit that my love for Disneyland has waned recently. Between the astronomical ticket prices, massive crowds and removal of some of my favorite areas I have little desire to visit. I long for the Disneyland of my youth where I would climb the Swiss Family Treehouse, visit the animals at Big Thunder Ranch and relax on the People Mover. This past weekend I was able to relive a bit of that past when I visited That’s From Disneyland! in Sherman Oaks.

That’s From Disneyland! is a special pop-up exhibition that runs through August 24. Presented by Van Easton Galleries it showcases the vast collection of Richard Kraft who will auction off every single piece on August 25 & 26.

Mr. Kraft has been accumulating Disneya for 25 years and has decided it’s time to let it all go (with all proceeds going to charity). Wanting to have one last hurrah before it’s all gone he’s created a month long celebration of all things Disneyland.

Housed in a 20,000 square foot space there are numerous Disney themed activities scheduled throughout the month. From concerts to slide shows to scavenger hunts there’s something for just about everyone. Of course, the main event is the exhibition and on Saturday I headed to the Valley to check it out.

Since it was opening weekend I fully expected a lengthy wait to get in but, since it’s in such a large space, it only took about 10 minutes. Once inside, I found the artifacts divided into their respective lands starting with Main Street, of course.

On display are treasures of every shape and size from souvenirs…

to posters…

to figurines…

to attractions.

My beloved People Mover!

There are even some objects available for photo ops and Shannon and I couldn’t resist taking advantage.

There were so many wonderful things to see but my absolute favorite was the Cinderella diorama.

When I was little I absolutely loved the Main Street window dioramas. Every time I would visit I would rush to them to see scenes from my favorite movies. It’s one of my very favorite Disney memories and I was so happy to see one of the special pieces again.

That’s From Disneyland! was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I may not love the park in its current form but the Disneyland of my past will always be special. It was wonderful to relive it again.


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