A Hidden Path – Strolling Along the West San Gabriel River Parkway Trail

When I was a kid I just loved The Secret Garden. Not because I happened to enjoy stories of orphans and their spoiled, obnoxious cousins. I just loved the idea of a secret garden – a place that no one else knows about, hidden from view just waiting for you to find it. Oh how I wished I would find one. (I was a kid with a BIG imagination).

So, today whenever I find a hidden gem – a hole in the wall restaurant, a small, niche museum, or a tucked away park – I just love it. It’s like I’ve finally found my own little secret garden. Except that I totally want to share it with everyone else.

Well, last week I happened upon a quaint nature trail that I just had to share with you. Tucked away behind a neighborhood in a busy section of Lakewood is the West San Gabriel River Parkway Trail.

This trail runs along the (you guessed it) San Gabriel River for a mile linking the thoroughfares Del Amo and Carson. It’s a dirt path that meanders along the river (which in SoCal means a dry cement ditch). The path is surrounded by flowers, bushes, and trees and is truly a picturesque spot.

I visited on a weekday and was the only one walking along the trail (I did run into a few bicyclists). I took my dog and we had a lovely time. It was so peaceful and quiet, I could have easily forgotten I was in an urban area. We only walked half the trail but managed to get in a good work out. I loved it, my dog loved it…what more could I want?

Unfortunately, when we got back to the parking lot I noticed a sign that said dogs were prohibited. Oops! I guess next time I’m going to have to leave her at home. But I’ll definitely be back to my “secret” trail.

West San Gabriel River Parkway Trail
4626 North Shadeway Road
Lakewood, CA


  1. laura vena January 12, 2015 at 6:10 am

    You can have dogs there now! Live right by there…And I LOVED The Secret Garden, too.

    1. mk1005 January 17, 2015 at 12:18 am

      Awesome! My dog will be happy!

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