Ice Cream Dreams on a Rainy Day – Visiting Stax Cookie Bar

In the last 24 hours SoCal has been hit with an intense rainstorm and I’ve been lucky enough to spend the bulk of it nestled inside my cozy abode. As much as I love wintry weather it does leave me pining for sunnier days. There’s nothing better than soaking up the rays and enjoying some delicious ice cream. But really, I don’t need warm weather to induce me to eat ice cream – I’ll pretty much take it any time of year. When we lived in Indiana there was nothing better than a bowl of mint chip while the snow fell outside. And in SoCal I’ll enjoy it in the rain or shine. Recently, I was invited to try a new spot offering a range of sweet treats – Stax Cookie Bar.

Did I just confuse you? I was going on and on about ice cream and then I showed you a tray of cookies. That’s because Stax Cookie Bar specializes in both cookies and ice cream culminating in that delicious treat – the ice cream sandwich.

Located in Irvine, just across the street from UCI, Stax bakes all their cookies in house. Each date a wide variety is available to enjoy on their own or paired with ice cream. On my visit I opted for a coconut chocolate chip cookie paired with some pistachio ice cream. The cookie happened to be gluten free as the shop offers a wide variety with this option. The crisp coconut and melted chocolate paired perfectly with the pistachio ice cream and made for a tasty treat.

While I enjoyed my treat I perused their extensive menu which features waffles, shakes, sundaes, ice cream rolls and Creamritos. Wait a minute. Creamritos? I must admit I was unfamiliar with the concept. Turns out it’s one of their signature items which consists of one flavor of ice cream rolled around a different flavor and loaded with a variety of toppings. I just had to try it and luckily I was with a friend who was happy to sample it with me.

I opted for ube ice cream wrapped with mango and topped with condensed milk, mango chunks and whipped cream. In truth, I had never had ice cream rolls before and it was fascinating to watch the server roll out the mango ice cream on a chilled slab and turn it into something completely new. The resulting creamrito was extremely photogenic and the taste? Delicious. Seriously so SO good. The mild flavor of the ube was perfectly paired with the sweet mango and the fresh fruit chunks just added to the fresh flavor. It was an indulgent snack perfect for sharing.

Stax Cookie Bar was a delightful discovery that I’d be happy to return to come rain or shine. Who’s ready to share a creamrito with me?

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