Imbibing in Christmas Spirit at Miracle on Santa Fe

When I watch a classic Christmas flick I love seeing the the cozy watering holes the characters visit. Whether it’s the dining car in White Christmas or Restaurant Felix in Christmas in Connecticut or good old Martini’s in It’s a Wonderful Life I wish I could step inside and have a nice hot toddy. Well, those bars may not exist but recently I visited a place that’s pretty darn close – Miracle on Santa Fe.

Miracle on Santa Fe is a limited event that transforms Westbound, a bar in the heart of the Arts District, into a winter wonderland. Complete with festive holly, frosted windowpanes and a light dusting of “snow” it exudes holiday cheer before you even enter the door and inside it’s just as chock full of seasonal goodness.

With decorations galore, a sparkly Christmas tree and classic carols playing on the radio it felt like I had just stepped into one of my beloved Christmas films.Then there’s the menu offering an array of Christmas themed drinks and bites.

Should I have a Brazen Blitzen? A Christmopolitan? Or a bit of Jingle Ball Nog? Finally I decided on the Snowball Old Fashioned and Shannon opted for the Clove Actually.

The Old Fashioned had a hint of Christmas spice and was chilled by a snowball shaped ice cube. It was absolutely delicious.

The Clove Actually was served in a festive copper gnome and was made with vodka, sherry, clove syrup and Gingerbread beer. It was a pretty potent combo and was a bit too much for both Shannon and I (I had to sneak a sip) and we agreed it wouldn’t become either of our favorites.

While we drank we noshed on a plate of Santa’s Cookies and a trio of jelly donuts.

I was partial to the cookies, especially the lemon thyme snickerdoodles, while Shannon preferred the donuts with their fresh raspberry preserves. We decided to share one final drink and opted for the Jingle Ball Nog.

Without knowing it we had saved the best for last. The Nog with its combination of cognac, sherry and a mixture of cream, sugar, almond milk, egg and nutmeg was incredibly delicious. And this is coming from someone who hates eggnog. This, my friends, is no eggnog. It’s a cup of honest to goodness Christmas cheer.

We left the bar happy and contented and filled with Christmas spirit. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and this year he brought me Miracle on Santa Fe.



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