It’s Donut Time at La Puente’s Donut Hole

This pandemic has found me cooking more than ever before. First it was out of necessity because most places were closed and now it’s become a habit. Why spend money eating out when I can make something just as good at home? I know this won’t last and I’ve already been slipping when it comes to takeout but I’m determined to continue as long as possible. Except when it comes to breakfast. I don’t know what it is but I hate cooking breakfast. I just want something quick and easy like a frozen waffle or instant cream of wheat. But sometimes that gets old and I just need go out and a grab a quick bite. Something simple, something sweet, something…like a doughnut. Recently, I decided to head to the granddaddy of donut shops, the giant donut itself, La Puente’s Donut Hole.

Donut Hole

Did you know that California once was a hotbed of programmatic architecture? That is, buildings shaped like specific objects (often what was sold inside). There were giant hot dogs, pianos, milk cans, coffee pots and so much more. Over the years they began to fade away as our landscape became blander and blander.  Luckily, a few wonderful examples remain including the Donut Hole.

Donut Hole

Built in 1968, it’s been in continue operation ever since and still looks just as it did the day it opened (plus or minus several layers of paint). It’s simple concept can’t be beat – drive thru the front of the donut, order your items inside and exit the other end. Genius.

As you can see when I visited it was pretty popular and it took awhile to get our doughnuts. I didn’t mind as I had a great view while waiting but my companion was a bit more impatient.

Donut Hole

Soon enough we got our donuts. I enjoyed a devil’s food and while I can’t say it was the greatest doughnut I’ve ever eaten I enjoyed every bit of it. How could I not when I got to drive through its giant relative to get it? What a treat! And while the pandemic continues to chug along it’s a perfect social distancing excursion since you don’t have to leave your car. So drive on thru and enjoy the coolest donut in SoCal.

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