It’s Time To Party!

So, last week I was invited to another cool party that I just had to share with ya. This time it was to celebrate the launch of McDonald’s Chicken McBites. Located in the hip Siren Studios right on Sunset Boulevard it was a true Hollywood Party.

Now, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Come a little closer. I’d never been to a Hollywood party before. I KNOW! Total shocker, right?

But, seriously, just to show what a total square I am, I arrived early.  The velvet rope wasn’t even unclasped from it’s little clicky thing. But soon enough, the doors opened and I made my entrance. And you know what? It pays to get there early. First dibs on everything – the bar, the food, the photo op (yes, there was a photo op). So, take that scenesters!

Going into the party I wondered if they would serve drinks. Since, it was McDonald’s I assumed the refreshments would be sodas. Wrong! Full bar with beer, wine, and, my favorite, vodka (really, I’m no lush). I sidled up, grabbed a deliciously prepared Cape Cod and settled into one of the tables. And before I knew it, the guest of honor made an appearance.

Ladies and Gentleman – The McBite:

photo actually taken at a late nigh run to Du-Pars

An oh so cuter little box filled with bite size morsels of chicken…well…bites. And don’t think I was expected to eat these plain. Behold the condiment bar.

Pretty snazzy. Now, I’m partial to sweet and sour myself. But I also gave the tangy barbeque and sweet chili a whirl – tasty!

Along with the McBites, we were also served McDonald’s famous fries. Here’s a hint – dip them in a little sweet n sour. Don’t believe me? Try it. I’ll be waiting….see? I told you.

So, after the food and drinks I mustered up the courage to take a photo. They had a professional phototog and multiple props to make it a picture to remember. What? You want to see it? Not a chance.

So, all in all it was a fun night! Good drinks, good food, good times.

full disclosure: I was provide a ticket to attend this event. All opinions are my own.

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