Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Debuts Spring Menu

A few days ago marked the beginning of spring and I couldn’t be more ready for it. As much as I love the cooler months I’m happy to return to long, sunny days and pretty, colorful landscapes. I’m also ready for a new menu – no more soups and stews and pumpkins and spice, let’s bring on the berries and salads! Today, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is doing just that as they debut their new spring menu and last week I has a sneak peek.

I was lucky enough to visit the restaurant’s Brea location and enjoy a meal with Gabe Caliendo, co-founder and head chef of Lazy Dog. With a focus on fresh, high quality ingredients and hand-crafted dishes he’s created a menu that offers a range of options for every palate. For starters, there’s the Charred Onion Dip + Potato Chips (shown above) Street Corn Wheels.

The handmade rosemary waffle chips are freshly fried and filled with flavor. Topped with the onion dip they make the perfect appetizer. I only wish they were bottomless! The street corn is a take on elote with lime, garlic, queso blanco, cilantro and a hefty does of Tajin seasoning. It’s perfectly charred and has a nice kick to it.

I mentioned I was longing for salads and the Burrata + Roasted Beet Salad did not disappoint. Served deconstructed with field greens, candied walnuts and heirloom tomatoes on one side and burrata, roasted beets and crushed sweet peaches on the other it’s a true delight.

There are a range of entree options and my very favorite was the Housemade BBQ Veggie Burger. Now,I’m a confirmed meat eater but this veggie burger doesn’t make me miss it at all. The hand formed patty – made with beets, black beans, grains and veggies – is topped with roasted garlic, jack cheese, fried onions, pickles, tomatoes and housemade BBQ sauce. Its completely indulgent and utterly delicious.

Of course,I needed something to wash down all that goodness and Lazy Dog offers an array of handcrafted drinks (both alcoholic and non) that are as delicious as they are thirst quenching. My hands down favorite is the Huckleberry Mule – a delicious combination of vodka, ginger beer, lemon and huckleberry puree. It’s wonderfully sweet and refreshing.

I’m also quite fond of the Honey Thyme Old Fashioned made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, honey, fresh thyme and orange. The sweet honey offsets the smokiness of the bourbon and the thyme adds an herbal accent that’s a surprise treat.

There’s always room for desert and the Triple Lemon Cake is a particularly delightful option. Made with almond flower it’s actually gluten-free! I personally, didn’t miss the gluten at all. In fact, it’s as rich and creamy as any other cake and the lemon curd and huckleberry puree makes it especially flavorful.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has put together a fresh and flavorful menu that’s the perfect way to usher in the new season. I’m excited to go back and indulge some more.


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