LEGO Comes to The Queen Mary

For years I neglected The Queen Mary. “Been there, done that,” I thought. In recent months I’ve had various reasons to visit the ship and it’s turned into one of my favorite SoCal spots. The history is fascinating, the Deco is divine and the views are amazing.

Long Beach, CA

This past weekend found me once again boarding her. This time for a media preview of The Shipyard exhibition space which highlights her latest treasure – the world’s largest LEGO model ship (in her likeness, of course).

IMG_9129 (800x600)

This fantastic model was built by Bright Bricks based out of England. It took almost 4 months and over 250, o00 LEGO bricks to complete the model. It was then sent across the Atlantic to Long Beach where it took an additional 16 hours to set up in its permanent home at The Shipyard.

The model ship is quite a sight to see. My family and I enjoyed circling it and observing all the details. Boy, is it detailed! The designers really studied The Queen Mary when building their model.

IMG_9127 (800x601) IMG_9124 (800x600) IMG_9122 (600x800) The Queen Mary

When visiting The Shipyard there are also play tables for kid’s to build their own LEGO creations and a couple of other fantastic brick creations.

The Queen MaryWinston Churchill

Sir Winston! I’m so glad you could join us!

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