OC Food Roundup: Visiting Pie-Not and Bruxie

Once upon a time Orange County was a land of chain restaurants. If you wanted to try something innovative and unique you needed to cross county lines into LA. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It seems everywhere one turns there’s a unique food spot that’s just opened up and recently I tried a couple of new ones.

Pie-Not is a small pie shop located in Costa Mesa. But don’t be thinking apple or banana cream when you go because it’s not that kind of shop. It’s an Australian pie shop that specializes in savory rather than sweet pies.

I opted for the Drover – a savory meat and veggie filling topped with garlic mashed potatoes.

Mmmm…quite yummy! And don’t let the small size deceive you. I could barely finish mine as it was very filling.

And if you’re looking for dessert you will find a nice selection at Pie-Not. I tried the Digger and the Slice of Heaven.

The Digger is a traditional Aussie ANZAC biscuit and the Slice of Heaven is shortbread topped with caramel and milk chocolate. Yum! I especially loved the Digger, it would be the perfect cookie to go with a spot of tea.

Along with Pie-Not I also made a recent visit to Bruxie’s newest location in Irvine. If you haven’t heard, Bruxie is the waffle restaurant that’s had an incredible growth in the last couple of years. Now, I admit it’s hard for me to see what all the fuss is about. I like it…but I don’t think it’s the be all end all that a lot of other people do. But I went to the new location with an open mind and found a dish that I really, really liked – the Irish Nachos.
Now I know you can get Irish Nachos a lot of places but these were probably the best I’ve ever had. Maybe it’s the homemade cheese sauce or the fresh bacon or the cripsy waffle fries…don’t know but they were sure good going down!
270 17th Street, Suite 17
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Bruxie – Irvine
14376 Culver Drive
Irvine, CA 92604

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