One for the Angels – Taking a Ride on Angels Flight

Yesterday I was in downtown Los Angeles. What I was doing will be reveal in upcoming posts but while I was there I happened upon one of my favorite attractions – Angels Flight.

from the Angels Flight tribute site

Angels Flight is the world’s shortest railway. It was built in 1901 on Bunker Hill and was used to transport citizens up and down the hill. After the lovely homes of the area were demolished Angels Flight was dismantled. But, luckily, this rain cloud has a silver lining for in the 1990’s it was refurbished and reinstalled a half block from it’s original location. Now it is used to transport people to and from the California Plaza business complex and Hill Street.

As I had some blog business at California Plaza (stay tuned next week!) I decided to hitch a ride down to Hill Street. Now you do need to purchase a ticket to ride. Are you ready for the steep price? 25 cents. One quarter. A good old George Washington. Not too shabby, huh?

So I ponied up my two bits and hopped aboard. As it was the middle of the day, I had the whole car to myself. Wheee!

Did I just step back in time?

Although the ride lasts only a few minutes, I just love it. It’s a piece of history that you can actually be a part of. It’s not in a museum collecting dust. There’s no velvet rope surrounding this baby. It’s in great working condition and is beautifully restored.

Goodbye California Plaza!

Angels Flight
connects 351 S. Hill Street and 350 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
tickets 25 cents

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