Babalouie??? Pizza at Bottega Louie

No! Bottega Louie! Last week one of my friend’s asked if I had been there. My first reaction, “Babalouie? Never heard of it.” Once we cleared it up, I realized that yes, I had been there and it was most delicious. Well, it must of stuck in my mind because this weekend I ended up there for lunch and realized that it is a most surprising bargain destination. Now, when you first look at the menu I’m sure you’ll think I must be off my rocker. To be sure, it’s no (insert celebrity chef restaurant here) but it’s also no McDonald’s. How can it be a bargain destination? One answer, pizz

¬†Doesn’t that look the height of most deliciousness! And believe me, it is. Now, the pizza’s are $16. Each pizza can feed two people easily. If you just order water, you’ve got a totally filling lunch that will average out to approximately $10 person (including tip!). Not too shabby for such high quality victuals (maybe I needed a thesaurus for that, maybe I didn’t).
700 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Parking meters abound, but with really short time limits. On the weekend there are several lots with inexpensive flat rates.

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