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Ok, I’m again about to break one of the rules of this blog. You know how I normally write about awesome bargains that you can take advantage of? Well, today I’m going to write about an awesome bargain that is not really available to you guys. I’m not trying to be cruel – it was just so cool that I have to share!

So, have you heard about that show Cougar Town? Yup, it’s the one that used to be on after Modern Family. Did ya watch it and are wondering where it is now? Or did ya not because you didn’t like the premise?

I admit, when it first came on the air, I avoided it because of that. A show about older women chasing after younger men? So not up my alley. But you know how it is…you’re watching Modern Family and are just too lazy to change the channel. So, I started watching the show and realized it wasn’t about that at all. It was actually a very funny show about a group of friends who drink an inordinate amount of wine and love to have a good time.

By the end of season two I was totally hooked. But then the fall schedule rolled around and where was Cougar Town? For some reason it was off the air and hasn’t been on since. It hasn’t been cancelled, it’s just in some sort of limbo:(

So, when I heard that the folks behind the show were throwing viewing parties all over the country I knew I just had to go. I RSVP’d and hoped for the best, figuring it was a long shot that I’d even make the list. And then…I promptly forgot about it. So, imagine my surprise when I received an email at 2:30pm last Thursday letting me know I was on the list for the party at 5:00 pm THAT EVENING.

Never one to turn down free food and entertainment I grabbed a couple of friends and headed to the Culver Studios where the show is filmed.

Now, since I live in SoCal I’ve been to my fair share of studios for tours, show tapings, etc. But never, NEVER have I been allowed to drive through the gate and park on the lot. It may not sound like a big deal…but when you’re usually told to park in the structure down the block and wait with a group and go through security before you can walk into those “hallowed grounds” it’s pretty exciting when you’re told to just drive on through.

Anyway, after quickly parking we found ourselves standing smack dab in the middle of Gulfhaven. There was Coffee Bucks! There was Jules Cobb Realty! There was food and drinks!!! (Seriously, I was hungry).

We quickly grabbed some bites and some wine, of course, and settled down for the Q & A with the cast. And they were (almost) all there! Grayson, Bobby Cobb, Ellie, Travis, Andy and even Jules herself. They took audience questions and just chatted about the show. It was super informal – no moderator, nothing really off limits. Just everyone chatting about a show we all loved. All the actors were super friendly and mingled throughout the entire party.

After the chat session we broke into groups to head on a tour of the sets. Each group was led by a writer and an actor. My group was led by the delightful Ian Gomez (Andy). We were shown the writer’s room and all the interior sets. Now, I’ve been on studio tours before and if you get to go on a set there are a couple of rules – no touching and no pictures. Not here! We could touch anything we wanted and take as many pictures as we pleased. Now, I was so excited I only managed to snag a few pics.

stupid Iphone!


I want this in my kitchen


Man, that is pathetic, isn’t it? Moving on…

After the tour we went back onto the Gulfhaven set and watched a couple of upcoming episodes. And let me tell you, they were very funny. They made me wish the show was back on the air. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it happens soon.

So, basically, it was one awesome night! A truly once in a lifetime experience. And as for you guys…well…Cougar Town is always free when it’s on the tube. And right now you can catch all of season two on Hulu (UPDATE: ugh! I just checked it, and it looks like you need to buy Hulu Plus. Darn the internet!). So check it out!

full disclosure: I received absolutely nothing for this post.

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  1. Anonymous January 17, 2012 at 12:52 am

    I like that show….hope it comes back soon. What a fun experience for you!!!

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