Picking Berries at Summerset Farm

Last year when I wrote about my visit to the Santa Ynez Valley I briefly mentioned Summerset Farm in my Los Olivos post. But, I think the place is so wonderful that it’s deserving of it’s own post.

By chance, we happened to visit Santa Ynez this year during one of their hottest weekends and the temperatures climbed into the triple digits. Knowing we wanted to pick berries we decided to hit the farm when it opened at 9am so we could beat the heat. We ended up arriving before the proprietors so we amused ourselves by looking around.

The gardens around the farm stand are filled with unique sculptures and lovely foliage. It was fun walking around and spotting all the different things. Soon enough the owner arrived and we got to picking.

On this particular weekend the raspberries and strawberries were ripe and ready to go. Now what I love about this place is that they charge by the basket but they let you know you can eat all you want in the fields. They didn’t need to tell me twice! Fresh picked raspberries and strawberries sounded like an ideal breakfast to me.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again – these are some of the most delicious berries I’ve ever had. So sweet and juicy…it was hard to put any in our baskets!

But we managed.

Summerset Farm
3450 Baseline Avenue
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

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