Recycle Me This

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We all know that mantra. Follow those rules and we can have a cleaner, healthier planet. But, did you know having a healthier environment isn’t the only reward for following this ideal? Now, I admit, it certainly is the best reward. But, I do love me some free coupons and magazine subscriptions. And that’s just what I get for being a member of Recyclebank.

So what is Recyclebank? Well, it’s a website that rewards you for being environmentally conscious. Certain products like Kashi and Ziploc have codes that you can turn in for points. You can then redeem those points for various rewards. But, you say you don’t eat Kashi and never use Ziploc bags? No prob Bob. The site often has various activities such as quizzes and videos that you can watch to also redeem points. And those points add up. I’ve only turned in about 2 Kashi codes. Most of my points have come from the activities. And with those points I’ve gotten a subscription to Everyday Food, coupons for Vons and Sprouts, and even coupons for free products. I love it!

So, sign up today and started cashing in!

full disclosure: I do get referral points when you sign up.

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