Sampling Angel City Brewery’s Oolong Saison

My love for Angel City Brewery runs deep so every time I receive a surprise package from them I’m super excited. This week another box landed on my doorstep and when I opened it I found a beer seemingly made just for me – Oolong Saison.

I love tea. If it had more caffeine I’d never need coffee again. Seriously, I should have been born in the UK. So a beer brewed with oolong tea is right up my alley and, like me,  Angel City has a true love for Los Angeles so they sourced the tea right down the street in Chinatown.

Ok, I really didn’t sample it this way I just decided to have a little fun with the whole tea thing. Rest assured my pinky was up.

I used a good old pint glass to drink it and…I loved it! Seriously, this is my new favorite Angel City beer. It’s really the perfect pairing of beer and tea.  It’s like a spiked iced tea. The bottle mentions notes of melon, clove and pepper and while I didn’t notice the latter two I could really taste melon. It’s a truly refreshing beer that will be perfect for an LA summer day.

Oolong Saison is the newest release in the brewery’s Warehouse Collection which is proving to be a line of truly innovative beers. It’s my absolute favorite so far and I cant’ wait to get my hands on another bottle.

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