Sampling the New Menu at 800 Degree Pizzeria

I love pizza and pretty much use any excuse to eat it so i was super bummed when I was invited to visit 800 Degree Pizzeria and a conflicting engagement. Luckily, my friend Mary from Along Comes Mary was able to cover for me and sampled some delicious dishes. Take it away, Mary! 

Everywhere I am turning lately in Los Angeles, there is a new pizza parlor on the market and many have the “Build Your Own” concept which gives you the power to not only create your pizza, but, witness the pie made before your eyes. That is nifty, but, more importantly: How does it taste? Being gluten-free, I can clearly say that I have tried nearly every pizza chain’s allergen friendly crust. Or, so I thought.

When Melanie asked me to check out 800 Degree Pizzeria, I eagerly accepted. Mainly, because I was not yet familiar with this local chain that’s been creating Neopolitan pizzas since 2012! Sure enough, on the day I was to head out to their launch party for their new menu, I came across their Downtown LA location. Go figure!

Heading  out to their Hollywood location, I immediately loved the outdoor patio and cozy lounge furniture. While most pizzerias have your basic table and chairs, I loved that 800 Degrees Pizzeria had canopy-style covers and patio furniture that made me want to kick back like I would at home.

photo by Alen Lin

Led by Corporate-Executive Chef, Anthony Carron, 800 Degrees recently launched their new menu that takes its diners beyond pizza. We are talking Rotisserie chicken, Quinoa tabbouleh, hummus and even brussel sprouts as options to pair with your half, quarter of full-sized chicken. The chicken was moist, full of flavor and filled me up rather quickly. That is, until I heard a gluten-free Margherita pizza was on its way to me.

photo by Rossella Pisano

Much like a classic Neapolitan pizza, it was extremely thin. Usually, I frown at this since it’s so common of gluten-free pizza crusts, but, 800 Degrees knows what they are doing, and it tasted much more authentic. I would not have minded a bit more cheese on the very sauce-y dish, but, it wasn’t too bad as 800 Degrees has a homemade, authentic red sauce that they even sell in-house. Which brings me back to their chicken…

photo by Rossella Pisano

800 truly knows what they are doing with their sauces. When you order their rotisserie chicken, you also are presented with a plate of six dipping sauces. First up, they have a Peruvian Jalapeno-Cilantro Sauce reminiscent of a Peruvian “Aji” sauce made with jalapeños, cilantro, lime, mayo and garlic, producing spicy and cool flavors at the same time. The 800 Degrees Barbecue Sauce (my favorite) is a top-secret homemade version of the American classic, and the Tahini Sauce is a classic Middle Eastern tradition made with tahini paste, garlic and olive oil. The Spicy Tomato Sauce features uncooked Roma tomatoes, blended with garlic, olive oil and Calabrian Chile, and the Calabrian Chile Aioli (which ran a close second as my favorite) includes Italian chiles blended with herbs, spices and aioli. Lastly, I was intrigued to try out their famous Piri Piri Sauce; one of the most popular sauces for chicken around the world, it boasted a tangy blend of citrus, chiles, garlic, onion, herbs and olive oil.

Truly thinking I needed to be on my way as the food coma hit, I found myself at their bar…and, being offered dessert. Yes, friends, I was literally on my way out the door when I realized I needed to get my parking validated (FYI! They got you covered). Back in I went, and, next thing I know, their incredibly hospitable staff offered me more. How could I say no to such kindness?!

Chef Carron has expertly worked with some of the best mixologists around to create vibrant and tasty drinks like Margaritas and Cosmopolitans. Being the wino I am, I enjoyed a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon with my pizza, and a Chardonnay with my chicken. For dessert, they have a fantastic Tiramisu that is sure to impress any foodie.

Find the 800 Degrees Pizzeria nearest you click here and maybe, you might just run into me!

Mary Lansing-Farah is the Editor of the popular LA lifestyle and travel blog, Along Comes Mary. When she is not keeping busy with her Social Media Managing business, you can find her out exploring all Southern California has to offer, or off on a trip! Visit her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Brenda Hill August 16, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Hi Mel and Nary…my mouth is watering for the pizza…and the chicken. Thanks for a timely and tasty review.

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