Saying Goodbye to Harry – Going to the Movies at the Landmark Theatre

It’s no secret that I love Harry Potter. I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan and I didn’t even grow up with the books as I was already a teenager when they came out. But when the film version of The Prisoner of Azkaban came out I went to see it simply because it looked interesting. It ended up being fantastic and my fondness for the little bloke with the round glasses grew. Since then, I’ve read every book and seen every film. As most fans out there, I’m sad to see the series go and made sure to get the goodbyes over as quickly as possible, hitting the first screening on Friday (well, not technically. I didn’t go to the midnight show. I’m not that crazy!). But I also wanted to say goodbye in style which is why I went to see it at one of my favorite theatres, the luxurious Landmark.

The Landmark Theatres is a high end theatre chain with locations all over the country.. In addition to the latest releases they show a lot of art house films and often have special screenings. Some of their locations are in historic theatres while others are modern with every convenience imaginable. My favorite location is at the Westside Pavilion on Pico – only a few years old and specially made for the film lover.

What makes the Landmark so special? Well, first there are reserved seats. Whether you buy the tickets online or in person you chose your seats before heading in. I love, love, love this. No need to get to the theatre early and sit through those “entertainment news” shows that are just glorified advertisements. Just purchase your ticket then peruse the stacks at Barnes and Noble next door or grab a drink at the bar (yes, the theatre has a bar) and saunter in when the show is going to start.

Then there are the seats themselves – large, leather, and luxurious. They are super comfortable and make sitting through the show a pleasure. Just don’t nod off!

Finally and possibly my favorite part is cleanliness. I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that most movie theatres are pig sties. Sticky floors, stained seats, mysterious odors, and popcorn everywhere – what are we paying for anyway? At the Landmark there is no sign of any of this as it’s sparkling clean throughout. Oh, and if you do like to snack (I never think of this because I don’t) they have a snackbar that sells gourmet food along with standard movie snacks (hmmm…m&m’s or Tim Tams, what to decide, what to decide…).

So, now I’m sure you’re wondering what this is going to cost. Well, regular theatre prices are $12.50. Not too shabby huh? That’s hardly more than an ordinary theatre. But wait, there’s more! During the week any show before 6pm is $9.50. On the weekends (Fri-Sun) and holidays it’s the first showing of the day. $9.50 for all that luxe? Sold!

So, last Thursday I fired up the ole computer, picked my seats and had my tickets. Then, Friday when all the other fans were getting to the theatre early to wait in line for sold out shows I was…well…relaxing. Got to the theatre a bit early, no crowds, went to grab a coffee across the street and strolled in a few minutes beforehand to catch the show. Then I snuggled into my comfy seat, sat back, and bawled my eyes out. Good bye Harry! I’ll miss you!

The Landmark
10850 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
located at the Westside Pavilion
$12.50, $9.50 before 6pm and first showing on weekends (F-Sun) and holidays
be sure to validate your parking! (it should be free then)

Landmark Theatres have various locations in the Los Angeles area and around the country.

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