Saying "Hello, Again" to Los Angeles and the Lincoln MKZ

There’s a fun event going on in Santa Monica right now called Hello, Again Los Angeles that’s shining the spotlight on a selection of unique LA spots and the new Lincoln MKZ. This week I attended a media preview and it was so much fun!

So what is this event exactly? Think of it as a test drive with perks.

You’ll start out at the Lincoln Hub at Santa Monica Place. Here you’ll find exhibits highlighting unique institutions that make Los Angeles special.

There’s the delicious Lemon Bird Jams,

the talented Taylor Donsker Design,
and the altruistic LSTN.
Plus, you’ll be able to view and sample their wares. At this point the fun is only beginning because soon you’ll be behind the wheel of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.
Yup, you’ll be taking it for a spin along the coast. Where are you headed? First stop, Another Kind of Sunrise.
This snack spot is hidden in an alley off the always popular Abbot Kinney Blvd. Here you’ll get a chance to purchase a delicious cereal or acai bowl. Or if you’re adventurous – a chia pudding. That’s what I went for and it was so tasty!
Then you’ll hop back into the car and head back to Santa Monica for a visit to the California Heritage Museum. Here you’ll get a chance to view their extensive collection.

After this you’ll head back to Santa Monica Place with some miles behind a Lincoln MKZ under your belt and a newfound knowledge of the things that make Los Angeles such a great place.

Best of all, the whole trip is free. Yup, totally free. All you have to do is sign up for a tour here. But hurry, Hello, Again will only be around until October 13th.

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