Searching for Poppies with Net Effects Traders

Every year when Spring comes around I think “I should go see the poppies.” The official state flower blooms for a brief period and there are certain locations where they thrive. Unfortunately, none are within 2 hours of where I live so I usually end up missing the bloom. This year, I was determined to finally see it and one recent Saturday my family and I headed to the Antelope Valley to see them.


Now, I’m always in search of the perfect bag for traveling and day tripping. It needs to hang over my shoulder. I’d like it to be durable, washable and big enough to hold my necessities. And, preferably, it should have a bit of flare. Recently, I learned about a new bag brand – Net Effects Traders. It was founded by Ardice Farrow a SoCal gal (you know I love that!) who spent two years working for a non-profit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While there she found inspiration in the disenfranchised women of the area who were courageous and resilient. She decided she wanted to help them on their journey to self-sufficiency and founded Net Effects Traders.

net effects

Net Effects Traders offers a line of bags that are made from remnants of industrial and agricultural netting. They come in a variety of colors and all have an orange zipper inspired by the robes of Cambodian monks. Plus, a portion of the sales goes to Nothing But Nets, a charity that provides mosquito nets to the needy.

I was lucky enough to be sent their Moxie bag, an over the shoulder satchel. As soon as I got it I was eager to try it out and decided our trip to Antelope Valley would be the perfect occasion.


Our destination was the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve but we found a field of flowers before we even got there.


Words can’t describe how beautiful the fields are in person. An array of poppies and wildflowers spread out as far as the eye can see was the perfect place for a hike.


And the flowers are incredible looking! When I saw them up close I discovered they look like satin. I always thought they had a matte finish but they shimmer and shine in the sunlight!


We spent a good deal of time hiking and I was super glad I had my new Moxie bag. I was able to store all my necessities while keeping my hands free.


And look how it coordinated with the poppies! It’s the perfect bag for this SoCal gal.


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