See’s the Day – Visiting See’s Candies at their Headquarters

See's Candies

I love, love, love See’s Candies. Always have. Not only is the product delicious but the stores are wonderful as well. Walking into a See’s Candies is like stepping back in time. The black and white tile floors, the vintage style lighting, the old fashioned candy counter and the cute uniforms all harken back to an earlier day. And let’s not forget the free samples!

While driving down La Cienega in Los Angeles I’ve often passed their headquarters.

Would that I could take a tour but, alas, they don’t offer them to the public. But they do have a shop on site and after years of passing by and not stopping I finally gave checked it out a few weeks ago.

See's Candies

Inside the store is like all other See’s Candies but bigger. There’s lots and lots of room for their fabulous chocolates.

Hmmm, I wonder what holiday is coming up?

And they’ve got a some great vintage pictures on the wall.

And right next door is the home office.

You can’t really see much from the picture above but their lobby looks much like the stores. Black and white tile floor and white vintage counters with a cute display window highlighting their latest special products. I wanted to go inside so bad but the doors were locked. C’est la vie. I’ll just have to put a See’s Factory tour on my blogging bucket list and hopefully one day it’ll come true!

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