She Sips Sea Salt (Coffee) By the Sea Shore – Having Sea Salt Coffee at 85 Degrees

So, yesterday I was heading down to beautiful Laguna Beach. Alas, not to enjoy a day of sun, surf, and sand but to get some errands done. As I would be passing the city of Irvine en route I just knew I had to make a pit stop before I commenced my tasks. Now, you must be thinking, what could you possibly find to do in Irvine? I know, I know – it could easily be voted the most boring city in America. But, there is one thing that can be found there that I just love, love, love.

Behold – The Sea Salt Coffee.

This delicious treat can be found at the bakery 85 Degrees. Now, this is a Korean bakery that is similar to the lovely Paris Baguette I mentioned earlier. The only difference being this bakery is much larger and has about 10 times the customers. Seriously, if you go at the wrong time you will be waiting in a line out the door.

But, I’m not writing about the baked goods today, although they are good and you should try them. I’m am specifically talking about the Sea Salt Coffee, for that is where my heart lies.

The coffee is available in two sizes – regular for $2.75 and large for $3.25. I always go with large. Also, for some reason, the coffee is only available iced. Basically it’s espresso mixed with a creamy mixture of sweetness and saltiness. I have no idea what the mixture is made of – maybe condensed milk? All, I know is that it is delicious. Really, truly delicious.

Ah, now there’s my lovely cup from yesterday. As you can see, the large is a decent size. And where’s the lid, you ask?Well, technically there isn’t one. Instead it’s sealed like so –

This way no spills! Genius! But…if you insist on a lid they are available too. In fact, you usually have to specify if you want it sealed. And who wouldn’t want a cute lil’ ram (yak? cow?) on their cup?

And if you’re heading to home or work? Well, psst, I have a little tip for you. Come closer. A little closer. Ok, too close. You’re totally invading my comfort bubble.

Once you’ve finished your coffee there’ll be some of the salty sweet goodness left in your cup. Simply pour some cold coffee in and –


Voila! Second Drinks!

85 Degrees Bakery
2700 Alton Pkwy, Suite 123
Irvine, CA 92606
open – M-Thurs 7am-10pm, Fri & Sat 7am-12am, Sun 8am-10pm

They are on the corner of Jamboree and Alton but you can only enter the parking lot via Alton.

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