Shopping at Hi-Time Wine Cellars

The other day when I went to my friend’s place to mix up some delicious pomegranate cocktails I mentioned to him that I had trouble finding some of the ingredients at BevMo. He then told me that I should be going to Hi-Time instead. Go there? I had never even heard of it!

But, based on his description I knew it was someplace I had to check out. So recently I got myself over to Costa Mesa and saw for myself the wonder that is Hi-Time Wine Cellars.

Hi-Time Wine Cellars has been in business since 1957. You know I love that! But that’s not what makes it special. The astounding variety of wines and spirits is what makes it special!

First I wandered amidst the liquor aisles marveling at the awesome labels that are out there.

Businesses are so creative now! And since we’re on the subject of vodka check out all the flavors of Van Gogh!

Then, after gaping at the high priced case…

yup, those numbers are four digits long…

I headed over to the beer cooler. Now, I say cooler because most of the beers are located in a large walk in. Because of that I have no pictures. Well, because of that and the fact that my arms were full of lots of different varieties of hard ciders…it was my chance to sample the different ones!

Then I headed into the wine cellar. According to their website it’s 3,000 square feet and is “one of the largest underground temperature-controlled wine cellars in the US.”

Oh, I believe it!

And not only is Hi-Time crazy huge with lots and lots of different varieties of liquor it’s also got great pricing! I was amazed to find better prices that that particular chain that I mentioned earlier.

So, thanks to my pal I’ve got another must visit place in SoCal. Love it, love it, love it.

Hi-Time Wine Cellars
250 Ogle Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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