Spending the Day at Discovery Cube OC

When my sister was little I loved taking her to children’s museums, mini golf lands and whatever other fun kids’ activities we could find. Then she had to go ahead and grow up and I stopped having excuses to go. Until recently. Two of my favorite little buddies were in town and I got to take them to Discovery Cube OC for a day of fun.

Discovery Cube OC

One Saturday morning bright and early we headed to the cube. Here’s a tip. When going to a popular place or event always arrive when they open. You’ll have the place to yourself and by the time the crowds come you’re already done!

That’s what we did on this visit and it was awesome. The boys had fun exploring the several science exhibits available.

Discovery Cube OCIMG_7898 (800x600) IMG_7889 (800x600)

They also LOVE Legos. Luckily, the Lego Travel Adventure show was in town. As soon as we got to the exhibit the little guy took of running. I quickly followed and found him here:

IMG_7882 (800x600)

Giant Legos! It was like his dream had come true. I think he could have stayed here all day.

IMG_7885 (800x600)

Both guys had a ton of fun building things and playing to their hearts content. Meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at the incredible Lego displays.

IMG_7888 (800x800) IMG_7884 (800x600)

The Roaring 20’s! The Golden Spike! History is so much better in Lego form.

Soon it was time to move on. The older one is a budding paleontologist so we headed outside to the Dino Quest. The kids were given magic wands and a guide to various fossils and artifacts. As soon as they found all of them they could get a prize.

IMG_7894 (800x600) IMG_7892 (800x600) IMG_7891 (800x600)

They had a fun time running around exploring and the paleontologist made sure to teach me all about the dinos. It was so fun seeing him in his element.

IMG_7895 (800x600)

You can be sure he finished that puzzle lickety split!

Soon it was time to head inside for Bubblefest! This in an annual celebration of bubbles and the highlight is a show with bubble master Deni Yang.

IMG_7910 (800x600) IMG_7906 (800x600) IMG_7901 (800x600) IMG_7921 (800x800)

Giant bubble, smoky bubbles, tons of bubbles, bubbles galore! The boys had a great time.

IMG_7905 (800x600)IMG_7907 (800x600)

And had even more fun outside making bubbles.

IMG_7920 (600x800)

It was a fun day for all of us. Sadly, my little buddies have gone back home but I can’t wait for them to return so we can have another fun adventure.

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  1. Raquel April 17, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    That bubblefest looks pretty fun! We love the Discovery cube and went often when the kids were small. It is such a great place for kids to learn!

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