Take Me Out To the Ballgame – Touring Angel Stadium

Baseball season is just around the corner. At least I think it is. I’m not really sure since I don’t follow the sport.

Although, I’m not a fan I did recently tour Angel Stadium. I may not be too interested in what’s going on on the field but I certainly am curious about what goes on behind the scenes. So, this tour was just perfect for me.

The Angel Stadium tour is offered weekly. In the off season it’s on Tuesdays and during the season Wednesdays and Fridays are added. And it’s practically fee. Admission is $5 dollars and all of the proceeds go to charity (with the company matching your fee). Now I like that!

So bright and early last Tuesday I made my way over the the ole stadium to hit up the 9:30am tour. Now, even though I’m not such a fan I have been to several games over the years. Heck, I even worked in the concession stands once (another story for another day). In other words, I’m no stranger to the place.

I was quite surprised to see a large number of people at this early hour. We met under once of those super large baseball hats at the front of the stadium and were soon learning all about the place. We proceeded into the stadium and ignored all the places one usually goes – the stands, concessions, etc. Instead we got to go where only a few others have been.

First stop, the visitors locker room.

Since it’s the off season, there wasn’t much going on, but we still learned all about it. The adults got to sit inside the players cubbies. Surprisingly comfortable. One thing I was amazed to learn about was all of the treats for the players – comfy leather seats, a full entertainment system, video games, magazines, and every type of candy. Hmmm….is that what my ticket price is paying for?

But, anyway. After the locker room we headed on over to the dugout. Yup, we got to sit in the visitor’s dugout. Now, that was pretty cool.

I had never seen the field at eye level before, what a different perspective! We spent a sufficient amount of time there as it was a true highlight. Then we were off to the other exclusive part of the place – the press box.

Well, it was really a press area. It’s not a separate box, just a cordoned off space in the stadium. But, it did offer another great view of the field.And, it’s right next to the owner’s box. We got to see the fancy doors but couldn’t go inside:(

A final stroll took us through the dugout suites. Now, I didn’t even know these existed. Apparently, they are suites that are right next to the dugouts. Not surprisingly they are super expensive. They have their own entrance (you know, away from all the peons) and get a private glimpse into the practice run. At any time, the dugout patrons can watch players warm up. How exclusive!

At the end of the tour, we were all given a copy of the roster and sticker. A nice bonus. Oh, and then we were ushered through the gift store. Not an option, it was the only way out. I managed to resist the allure of rally monkeys and jerseys and left the stadium feeling like a true Angels insider.

Angel Stadium Tours require reservations. Call 714-940-2070.

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