Taking a Catalina Island Glass Bottom Boat Tour

I first visited Catalina Island the summer after I graduated high school. I had a wonderful time but somehow never made a return visit. Until last weekend. I was lucky enough to be given free passage on the Catalina Express and quickly made my way over to the island.

catalina express

Shortly after I landed I made my way over to another boat. This was one was called the Sea View and it was to take me on a complimentary glass bottom boat tour.

On my first visit to Catalina I took one and loved it, so when planning my visit I knew I had to do it again. I was lucky enough to get passage through Catalina Adventure Tours.


I caught the boat off the Green Pleasure Pier in the heart of Avalon.  Now if you’ve never ridden a glass bottom boat you may be wondering what exactly that entails. I know when I was younger I assumed the entire bottom was clear. Not quite. Instead there are large glass windows spaced throughout the base of the boat. The passengers sit around the windows and watch the sea floor below.

glass bottom boat

The tour is about an hour and takes you out to Lover’s Cove, a popular spot just outside of town. You can watch the sea floor the entire time but the fish aren’t fed until you reach the cove.

sea kelp

But you’ll see an array of sea life like the kelp forest and a few fish. Then, when the boat stops in the cove and you have the opportunity to feed the fish (you can buy fish food for $5) the water will come alive with activity.

fish fish fish

It’s fascinating to sit there and watch all the wildlife existing just below our feet. And when I could tear myself away from the windows I was also treated to these amazing views.

catalina catalina view

So, so beautiful. The Catalina Island glass bottom boat tour was the perfect beginning to my visit to the island.

For more information, visit Catalina Island Tours here.



  1. Raquel February 4, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    Oh this makes me want to go back to Catalina. It has been a while but I always enjoy it there!

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