Viewing Walking the Tightrope at 24th Street Theatre

I may be a movie nut but I love plays nearly as much. There’s just something special about going to the theatre and watching a story performed live right in front of you. So recently, when I was offered a ticket to see the play Walking the Tightrope at the 24th Street Theatre in Los Angeles I jumped at the chance.
The small theatre is located near USC on a mostly residential street. It’s an older neighborhood and the playhouse resides in a former carriage house that retains much of its historic charm.
What a lovely example of adaptive reuse!

There’s a quaint lobby in which the crowd gathers before the show. Refreshments are offered, including handmade tamales!

The theatre space is quite small which creates an intimate experience and allows one to really get immersed in the play. Now, 24th Street Theatre is actually a family theatre in which all ages are welcome. But don’t expect saccharine productions that make adults want to gouge their eyeballs out. And you won’t find plays that will bore children. Instead, you’ll find honest, thought provoking productions that speak to all age groups.

Walking the Tightrope is one such production.


It’s story about a young girl who makes her annual visit to her grandfather’s seaside home. But this year something is different and the girl and her grandfather have to learn how to handle the change.

It’s a lovely piece that contains only three characters. The set design is minimal but well done. And the acting is very good. I really enjoyed the production and may have gotten choked up at some moments. It’s a sweet tale that people of all ages will truly enjoy.

24th Street Theatre 
111 W. 24th Street Theatre
Los Angeles, CA 90007

full disclosure: I was provided with a free ticket in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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