This Aint No 7-11 – Grabbing a Snack at Famima!!

This Aint no Circle K either. This is Famima!!

Wow! That logo is big. Anyway…last week I was in Downtown LA for a party at the Cicada Restaurant (pretty swanky, huh?). When I left I looked down the street and what did my eye’s see but this very logo. I was super excited because I love Famima!! I’ve loved it ever since it came to our area several years ago. For awhile I had the pleasure of having multiple locations a short distance from where I lived but unfortunately they closed. So now Famima!! is a rare treat and I’m totally excited every time I run into one.

So what is Famima!! anyway? Well, it’s essentially the American branch of the Japanese FamilyMart chain. It’s basically a convenience store that is fancified and strongly tied to it’s Japanese roots. Amongst the Oreos and Snickers you’ll find Pocky Sticks and Koala’s March cookies. Amongst the prepackaged sanwiches will be prepackaged hand rolls. And instead of grey hot dogs on the warmer there are freshly steamed pork buns. Mmmmm….pork buns.

Famima’s!! are clean, well lit, and organized with friendly staff (at least the one’s I’ve visited). They’re a fun little place to stop into and take a looksee, perhaps picking up a little treat while you’re at it. When I happened across the downtown location I couldn’t resist going inside. And although I was totally full from the buffet at the party I just had to grab a little somethin’.

lemon mint gum and Koala’s March cookies on special for 99 cents

So, check out Famima!! to gain a whole new perspective on the convenience store.

Famima!! has multiple locations in Downtown Los Angeles as well as Culver City, Santa Monica, and Santa Anita.

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