To the Lighthouse – Visiting the Point Fermin Lighthouse

Recently I was re-watching one of my favorite movies and realized I totally recognized where the above scene took place. Mr. Gordon-Levitt and Ms. Deschanel are sitting on the lawn of the beautiful Point Fermin Lighthouse.

I clearly did not take this – it is by abhijit

The Point Fermin Lighthouse is located in San Pedro and is a wonderful place to visit. They offer guided tours from 1-4pm, Tuesday thru Sunday. I had the pleasure of taking a tour last year and could not believe it took me so long to visit this hidden gem.

The lighthouse was built in 1874 and resides at it’s original location on the cliffs overlooking the mighty Pacific. The tour takes you through the entire residence including the lighthouse tower, which to me was the highlight. This small room offers quite a commanding view. The day I went (unlike the photo above) was a beautiful sunny day and we could see for miles. Simply incredible! Just be wary of the way down. The stairs are steep and curved with no guardrail. I had to contemplate them for a few moments before descending, they are VERY vertigo inducing (but totally worth it).

So visit the Point Fermin Lighthouse, for a bit of California history, a bit of pop culture trivia, and breathtaking scenery.

Point Fermin Lighthouse
807 W. Paseo del Mar
San Pedro, CA 90731
open Tuesday through Sunday
admission free! (donations accepted)

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  1. Shannon May 11, 2011 at 12:32 am

    though it’s definitely not my favorite movie, i think it’d be such fun to spend a day tracking down all the cool locations for that movie!

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