A Unicorn Named Sparkle and Once Upon a Time Bookstore

I’ve long since graduated to chapter books but I still can’t resist a good picture book. Filled with colorful illustrations and cute stories they’re delightful to audiences of all ages. Plus, I’ve got a few little ones in my life who I’m happy to shop for books. Recently, I was sent a copy of A Unicorn Named Sparkle and, let me tell you, this one will be hard to pass on to my favorite tyke.


A Unicorn Named Sparkle was written and illustrated by Amy Young and tells the story of Lucy, a little girl, who sends away for a unicorn. When the package arrives she’s ecstatic…until she sees what’s inside. Somehow, it’s not quite what she was expecting.

It’s a sweet tale that wonderfully illustrates that what’s inside is what truly matters. And this Sunday, July 10th at 10:30am Amy and Sparkle will be coming to SoCal! They’re headed to the delightful village of Montrose for special farmer’s market story and craft time in conjunction with Once Upon a Time bookstore.


Once Upon a Time is a truly special place. Founded in 1966 it’s the oldest children’s bookstore in the US and on a recent day off I decided to head there to check it out. What a delight! Nestled in the Montrose shopping village it’s filled with a wide variety of books for every range of childhood from infant to teen (plus a corner dedicated to us grown ups). There’s games and toys and even a cute shop cat who was taking a snooze on my visit. I wandered around for quite awhile choosing what book to purchase and was amazed at how busy the store was. It was a weekday but the customers came in non-stop and I was so happy to find this independent business thriving.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and Once Upon a Time are equally wonderful. Sunday’s story time is sure to be a big hit!

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