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Confession time. Up until recently I’d never had a massage. Ok, that’s not entirely true. When I injured my shoulder a couple years ago I did get massages at the physical therapist’s office. But that doesn’t really count, right? I HAD to get those massages and they weren’t exactly indulgent – 10 minutes of the therapist prodding my shoulder doesn’t seem like luxury to me. So, I’d never really had a “massage” massage with all the bells and whistles. Then, I was invited to visit Burke Williams Simply Massage for a complimentary session and a whole new world opened up to me.

Simply Massage is new concept from Burke Williams – one of the leaders in the industry. While their traditional locations are quite large and offer a full range of treatments Simply Massage offers a more streamlined service. The locations are smaller and offer only massages. They’re meant to be places that will be convenient for anyone located in high traffic areas with hours from 9am-9pm. For now, the only location is in Marina del Rey but there are several more in the works.


I arrived on a recent weekday afternoon little knowing what to expect. I entered the location to a find a warm, inviting seating area and a friendly staff on hand to assist me. I checked into my appointment and waited shortly for my session to begin. Soon enough it was my turn for a little indulgence.


My therapist, Mariela, was friendly and polite as we made our way to the treatment room. Inside I discovered a bright and cheery area with minimalist decor. It was the perfect spot to have my first real massage. I must admit I was a little nervous going in but the warmth of the room and Maricela’s friendly demeanor soon put me at ease.

I enjoyed a 30 minute session where I received a thorough treatment. Initially, Mariela asked if there were any spots I’d like to focus on. As I still have lingering soreness from my injury I specified my shoulders and neck. She took the recommendation to heart and gave the area a thorough workout. Always with my comfort in mind she regularly checked to make sure I was feeling at ease. I assured her I was and remained relaxed for the entire session.  I quickly realized how much I needed a massage. Boy did I have a lot of knots! Words can’t express how good it felt to get those muscles worked. Prior, I had no idea how much I had neglected them.

My session at Burke Williams Simply Massage was an enjoyable and eye opening experience. I now know how important a massage is and I plan to add it to my regular schedule. Thanks to Simply Massage that will be super easy!


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  1. Colin June 27, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    The place looks awesome! I’m going to have my wife try this place out in one of the “Just Me” days 🙂

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