Watt A Sight! A Visit To Watts Towers

As much as I’ve criss-crossed the Southland in recent years on my continuous quest to explore my surroundings, there are some landmarks that I have just missed. Watts Towers was one of those landmarks. Until yesterday.

I’d been wanting to go there for years, but I just never got around to it. You know how that is. Well, yesterday I woke up determined. “Today I am going to do something!” I thought. “Today I am going to go to Watts Towers because I’m adventurous, I’m ambitious, and, well, I’ve got the time.”

So I headed down to Watts, an area I can honestly say I’ve never been to before. After getting a bit turned around I finally came upon those glorious towers. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

And what’s truly awesome is that you don’t have to just stop and stare. No sir, for the adjacent Watts Towers Arts Center provides guided tours for just 7 smackers. I signed up and lo and behold I was the only one on the tour (it was a Thursday afternoon after all). Before I knew it, I was inside the monument getting a first hand look of the beauty within.

Words can’t describe how truly awesome it is. Few places have immediately impressed me – Alcatraz, Disneyland (you know it’s cool), The Metropolitan Museum of Art and now Watts Towers. It’s one of those places where I’m simply awestruck by my incredible surroundings.

And the tour was great! The guide had an incredible knowledge and of the history of the Towers and the story of their creator, Simon Rodia. He was also super, super nice and kindly took my picture with the monument so I have a lasting impression. After the tour, he suggested my watching a documentary from the 1950’s about the tower. As much as I love retro stuff, I have a habit of skipping the video when I go to landmarks. Since he was so nice, I agreed to stay and watch it. I’m so glad I did. It was lovely, showing Mr. Rodia at work on the tours. When you go, don’t miss the video, it truly enhances the visit.

You need more convincing? Check these pics out.

And it’s SO much better in person.

Watts Towers and Watts Tower Art Center
1761-1765 East 107th Street
Los Angeles, CA
Tours available Thurs-Fri 11-3, Sat 10:30-3, Sun 12-3
admission $7

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