Pairing Angel City Beer with Lawless Jerky

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Angel City Brewery. I love visiting the public house and their beer’s not to shabby either. Every once in awhile I’m lucky enough to get a surprise package from them and recently I found one on my doorstep. I eagerly opened it and discovered two bottles of their most popular beers and two packages of Lawless Jerky. Uh Oh. Here’s the thing. I have a family member who makes the best beef jerky ever. The BEST. As such, I don’t ever buy jerky and figured that if I ever wrote about it I would only write about the family recipe. So, I was a bit torn when I found the packages but I decided to keep an open mind and sample them.


First up was Angel City’s famous Srirachelada paired with Lawless Jerky’s Sweet Sriracha. The jerky is more sweet than spicy while the beer has a real kick to it. Paired together it makes a sweet spicy combo that’s pretty tasty. I’d recommend taking a bite of jerky and a sip of the beer together for a tasty spicy treat.


Next up is the Angel City LAger paired with Honey Chipotle Jerky. I’m a big fan of the tart LAger and and it’s citrus notes pair well with the honey flavored jerky. The package does mention chipotle but it doesn’t have much kick to it.

There are four other Angel City Lawless Jerky pairings (like Salted Caramel Gose and BBQ Sparerib) and you can find them at the public house. As for me? I must admit that I did enjoy the jerky. It will never compare to my family member’s but it is a close second. As for Angel City Beer, it’s still tops with me.

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