Shopping at The Shag Store Melrose

It’s no secret I’m a big Shag fan. I may have already written about him oncetwice…maybe three times. I can’t help it. The man does good work. Needless to say I was pretty darn excited when I heard The Shag Store was opening a second location on Melrose Avenue. No longer would I have to haul to Palm Springs to get my fix!

A couple of weeks ago the store held it’s grand opening and I just so happened to be down the street attending a show at Largo. Knowing it was fate I parked my car at the theater and ran around the corner to check out the store. The first 400 folks in line were to get a free print and I was hoping to make the cut. WELL, turns out there were many many other folks with the same thought in mind and the line stretched down the block. I waited about 40 minutes and realized I was only halfway to the door. With the clock ticking to showtime I knew I’d have to leave before getting in. Then fate struck again.

IMG_0595I got the print! Shag’s team ended up distributing it to everyone waiting on the sidewalk. Hooray! As you can see from the photo above it’s a pretty awesome image. We were also told the store would stay open late to accommodate the crowd. Perfect! I raced back to the theater just in time to catch a show from my favorite comedian Paul F. Tompkins (it was fantastic, BTW).
Afterwards, I headed back to the shop to find it still open and filled with patrons. Shag sure knows how to throw a grand opening! The store is mod-tastic and filled with the artist’s work. The Shag Store IMG_0598 IMG_0604I wanted EVERYTHING. Knowing I couldn’t realistically buy out the store I settled for a couple of awesome pieces including this pillow. IMG_0601Don’t you love it???? The Chinese Theatre! Watts Towers! Tail O’ The Pup! It’s as if it was made just for me. Oh and that fellow next to me? The man himself. Shag – my new pal.


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